Saturday, January 21, 2006

Giants Should Be Proud. I am.

My heart is still a little heavy when I think about poor Eli Manning and the New York Giants. I know the pressure of competing for the Super Bowl would be too much for me, so I hope he doesn’t beat himself up about losing. All the New York Giants should be proud they had a great season and made it to the playoffs.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Manning Vows to Improve Next Season

Eli Manning has said this week that he feels he will get better in 2006. He wants to assure the fans that he is going to work on his game and leadership skills. Eli says he is going to try to be the man that can get the win when things aren’t going our way. I don’t think he should be beating himself over up the Carolina game. He made mistakes but I don’t know anyone who could perform well under all that pressure. Just to get to the playoffs is a grand achievement and he took us there. Manning is the heart and soul of this team and I could never resent him for playing his worst game against the Panthers.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Giant Pride and Some Great Stats

The Giants season has been full of record breaking plays and stats. Tiki Barber was a big contributor because he became the only player in NFL history to get 500 receiving yards and 1,800 rushing yards in a single season. Barber is second in NFL history for overall yards with 2,390.The Giants first playoff game sold out of tickets in 11 minutes. Are you proud of your team? Our total for points in a season is the second best in Giants history at 422. The Giant offense was ranked higher than it has been since 1972 at fourth in the league in 2006. I am very proud of this team and the effort they put into winning this season