Monday, October 02, 2006

How Did the NY Giants Spend Their Bye Week?

I hope the Giants have been practicing a lot, including the fine art of letting bygones be bygone. When I read some of the comments going back and forth right after our, uh, not-too-successful (as in 42-30) encounter with the Seattle Seahawks, I was getting the impression that our favorite game of both coach and many players was not football but blame.

Actually, I shouldn’t use that term, because it is tiresome the way “blame game” gets tossed out to block constructive criticism. We all need to be open to practical ideas for improvement, including the members of the team that’s at the bottom of the NFL heap as regards pass defense. Happily, Will Demps had some encouraging comments, and they centered on strengthening communication, building trust, and of all things, having fun. The NFC East is the toughest division, and the Giants have a rough schedule. But we can have a great season if we can act as a team and have some fun.

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