Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mostly Too Painful to Talk About

Our first half against the Chicago Bears was not spectacular, but we had things well in hand, until they passed for a TD just under a minute before halftime. Still, the Giants were up 13-10.

The second half was another story. Did the defense forget to come back out of the locker room? Most painful of all was the Bears' Devin Hester, cool as a cucumber, grabbing the Giants’ field goal that fell short (and which would have set the score at 24-23, I believe) Hester just hangs out there while our guys head off the field, and then he runs 108 yards for a touchdown. That run tied a record the Bears’ Nathan Vasher set last year—doing the same dang thing to the San Francisco 49ers.

Only thing consoling me just now is that we are still at the top of the heap in the NFC East.

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