Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Preseason hopes

Training camp is coming up quick, and a lot of questions are in the air. We know Coughlin will coach and Manning will throw, but most everything else is undecided as of yet. What will the line-up look like come September 7th? The Cowboys will be our first test, no matter what your feelings on the decisions made.

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cdrusnret said...

Given all the offensive pieces are already on the team, the lineup on offense is not too difficult to envision. Defense was less clear before Michael decided to wait on reporting to camp, before Tampa cut Rice and our GM made his chess move. With Spags comes a different approach on defense that some players will find promotes or at least solidifies their position. Others won't be so fortunate. We had some very early injuries to exciting young prospects last year, and it's certain those guys will be ready to go today. If Spags can institute the Philly defense and get the same level of production with the current Giants roster, before the regular season starts, it's no stretch to envision double digit wins and a shot at the playoffs.