Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Buyer Beware

I know this is a Giants blog, but there's not too much happening with them at the moment. So let me complain about gas prices. Actually, I won't even complain about the prices themselves, but about the cash vs. credit thing. Here's an article about it. This article doesn't make it sound quite as bad, but some others have said that lots of gas stations aren't even telling people about the higher price if you pay with a credit card. If it's true, that pisses me off.

I'm as much a capitalist as the next guy. I pay more for organic food. I pay more for toys that aren't made in China. Hell, I even pay New York ticket brokers for premium seats. But I know what I'm paying and why in those cases.

So gas stations, I know you've got to make a living. No problem there. Just please make it clear to us when we're paying a premium!